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Setting the blog


Creating a blog page is easy. Make sure you have created some posts through "Posts" section in admin panel. Once you are decided with the page to display your blog, edit it and choose one of the "Blog" templates (Screenshot 10). You can choose between regular, grid-style or timeline-style blog templates. The next paragraph will be devoted to the post options available in the theme.

Setting the blog page template
Screenshot 10: Setting the blog template

Post formats

SmartOn supports post formats. Post format is a method of styling a specific post. By using this feature, you can specify the display “format” of a specific post. This feature expands the micro-blogging aspect of WordPress because now you can have videos, links, images, audios, quotes, statuses, etc. all in one place, and the best part is that they will be styled accordingly. Once a post format is chosen, check the "General options" custom field block. In some cases a textarea will appear there to add corresponding info. For example, if "Status" post format is chosen, the field will appear to set your status text there.
The post formats block is illustrated in the Screenshot 10:

Post Formats
Screenshot 10: Post formats

Post options

A number of custom options is available for any post created. Some of the options have been described in the Setting the pages section of the documentation. If you haven't read it, make sure to do so before going ahead. The post-specific options available are illustrated in the Screenshot 11:

Post options
Screenshot 11: Post options

  1. Media type to show on listing

    You can choose between displaying the following entities: Featured image / Slider / Video (several types) / None of the above.

  2. Revolution slider

    Put the shortcode for your slider set via "Revolution slider" section of admin panel, if corresponding plugin is installed.

Admin settings

A number of options for posts listing as well as single posts can be set via admin panel. Head on to SmartOn => SmartOn settings => Blog settings section in your admin panel. Options are illustrated in screenshot 12.

Blog settings
Screenshot 12: Blog settings

Posts per page

You can set the posts to show per page via Settings => Reading section in your admin panel.

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