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Installing the theme

General guide

Assuming that Wordpress website is already set (for setting up word press blog refer to word press set up documentation at, the next step is to install the theme. Upload the theme folder labeled "SmartOn" to the word press themes folder. There are 2 main ways to upload the theme:

Option 1: Through the native WordPress theme uploader Recommended!

First you need to unzip the download file and find the zip file called "SmartOn". After this you have to go in the admin panel » Appearance » Themes(see the image on the right), click on the "Install Themes" tab and in this section in the top left corner click on the link "Upload". After you click the "Upload" link, a new page will be opened where you will be asked to locate the file on your local file system.

Select Theme Option Screenshot 1:
Select Appearance » Themes

Option 2: Via FTP client

Use an FTP client such as FileZilla, FireFTP or Cyberduck (if you are a Mac user) to connect to your hosting account. Navigate to where WordPress is installed and locate the /wp-content/themes/ directory. Find the zip file called "" in downloaded file, unzip it and upload the folder to the folder "wp-content/themes". Please make sure that the main files of the theme are contained within just one folder. Thus, the right way to locate your theme files is for example themes/SmartOn but not themes/SmartOn/SmartOn.

Importing the sample content

To import the theme first you need to locate the corresponding xml file that is included within the download folder. Locate the folder "sample content", upload the full.xml file to have all the content of the demo imported fully. Once done, log in to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Tools » Import. Select the WordPress option from the bottom of the list, choose your file, and upload it. The following screenshots demonstrate this process.

Import Sample Content Step 1 Screenshot 2: Import sample content step 1 (Choose Import » Wordpress)

Import Sample Content Step 2 Screenshot 3: Import sample content step 2 (Locate the file and import)

You may be prompted to install content import plugin (After Step 1). If this is the case, install it and once the plugin is activated you will be redirected to step 2.


Sample content does not include any widgets like blog and footer widgets as well as the parameters set from admin panel (SmartOn => General Settings tab). You have to add those parameters according your needs.

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