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The theme comes with easy to use shortcode generator. All you need to do is to click on corresponding icon in WYSIWYG view when creating a page or a post. The icon is illustrated in Screenshot 16. We will not stop on describing each shortcode as everything is done automatically, all you need is to click on the main icon and fill the corresponding fields.

Screenshot 16: Shortcodes


The shortcode generator interface is divided into 5 main subsections - Layout, typography, content, post and contact listing. As everything is documented in details, you only need to click on corresponding shortcode and fill in the fields. One important note to remember when using the grid is that columns should be wrapped with [row] shortcode first. Following is such an example.


And if you have to put another row into existing row, make sure to use the inner row shortcode. The layout options are available within "Layout" tab of the shortcode generator.

The shortcode generator interface
Screenshot 17: The shortcode generator interface

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